Friday, April 5, 2013

Erupting moon sand volcano sensory play

We used our homemade moon sand to make a super fun erupting volcano. Then Jake and Cate played with the dinosaur sensory play after.

There is so many fun things you can do with the moon sand. Also, it is super easy to make and inexpensive.

To make it click the link above. Then to do the volcano we used kool-aid packet mixed with baking soda. Then vinegar to make it erupt.

To make the volcano we used a plastic tube and built the sand around it to make the volcano. Then just added fun dinosaur toys and played. I also added some of our homemade mud play

Dont forget to check out how to make Erupting Dinosaur Eggs
or the fun Glowing dino dig
 one of our favorites was the Dinosaur excavation

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