Sunday, December 21, 2014

10 Activities Arts And Crafts For Preschoolers

The arts are much more complex and focused when children become preschoolers. It's amazing what a year this tender age!

Since Henry was a preschooler, he became a little more focused (believe it or not ...). Which means that the art projects and other activities, can also be a bit more focused. And George is right behind him, near a preschooler himself! This will make these arts in no time!

Great art is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who can not or will not sit still to create. When they get a little more (Pre thinking more) improve their fine motor skills, their attention span and ability to concentrate on the project. Of course, the age at which a child can be varied, so take a look at his young son and see where your skills are.

There are 10 artistic activities we've done recently taking a little more attention and understanding to do, and I think are perfect for the age of the preschooler. Of course, there is usually a way to integrate a child into the mix, because I have both an preschooler  And a baby.

Note: The below is interactive collage, a new feature that try to, feel free to click on any part of it, hover over the images to see each art project is (excited!). Of course, below is a list of each of the activities and discover.

  1. More information about color mixing. Perfect for a hot day. Freeze some paint buckets (in 2 or 3 primary colors) and take it out in the sun to melt as it looks. When run together to see what colors did!
    math activities for preschoolers
    Color mixer

  2. Copying a masterpiece. Print a masterpiece (like Starry Night) and put it next to them to try to draw. It's pretty amazing what they will find in the art room as they study themselves to draw.
    preschool art
    Astarry night
  3. Amp resist strip art. Rather than just pieces of tape around a piece of paper, or you tear or a piece of tape to create a picture! Adding details to the finished art band resist.
    art activities
    Construction paper crafts

  4. Add to sensory art. We use sand, but in reality everything can be in place. Flour, salt, sugar, dirt, rice, silk paper.
    games for toddlers
    Crafts for preschoolers
  5. Try flushing to create art. It takes a little patience, understanding and coordination. But nothing of a preschooler can not handle. Its kind of magical to see what designs will be!
    easy art projects
    Fun arts and crafts
  6. Art Rainbow Sponge. Yes, young children can. But preschoolers can take care you need to realize a rainbow!
    rainbow craft
    Preschool crafts
  7. Give a special touch to the house. Kindergartens are just entering the draw, so the design or to make packaging for everyday items such as a tissue box. What else can be fixed?
    easter crafts for toddlers
    Simple crafts for kids
  8. Shaved and melt crayons! This is great for fine motor skills to pencil shavings. And the drawings that can be so cool (ahem, learn more about color mixing in the process)!
    crayon melt
    Preschool art activities
  9. Using multiple painting techniques to create a work of art. With patience to put it all together, the preschoolers should follow the instructions to do the right thing. But it's easy!
    fall activities for preschoolers
    Painting activities for kids
  10. Tie Dye something together! A shirt, pillow case, sheet! They enjoy a special touch to carry or use what they can say they did! Try different tie-dye effects too. It's all about rubber bands!...
    tie and dye
    Tie dye techniques

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spring Art Ornament - Recycled Christmas Tree

The art of the chain was hot, hot this year, so I thought why not make some art artwork chain. Make these unique additions to their trees with their children this season. My crew loves the art of strings, so I know it will be fun for the whole family. The version of the Christmas tree down is actually my son thought so be sure to let your imagination run when you're drawing.

fun crafts
Christmas tree ideas

Art Supplies String Decoration:

Forms of roundwood
Wood glue
Drilling strong enough to drill wood or drilling with drill
Art Paintings
Twine Baker
Hot glue
fun art projects
Art ideas for kids

Click ropes art decorations:

Start with round shapes and either a punch or a drill. Put a hole in all its forms in the same place. Stack the shapes with wood glue between each. Let dry as recommended on the bottle. Painting forms on the front, back and sides with craft paint the desired color.

christmas tree decorating ideas
Spring crafts for preschoolers

Use a pencil to mark where the holes of the nails are placed. Put a nail in each place making sure not to go all the way through their stacked forms. Using baker's twine to wrap your nails and create art chain. Start your nails first mooring chain and end of your baker with a knot too.

How to make christmas ornaments

Cover the exposed edges of your ornament with ribbon with hot glue to secure. Add some ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree too.
Handmade christmas decorations

We did a couple of different versions of string art but I can see a lot of different options. What shape do you want your art artwork strings? Enjoy this fun working with your children this season and make an ornament treasure through the years. Be sure to put your name and date on the back of his creations. You want to remember that within 10 years. Now break this chain and make their own art artwork chain today.

Homemade christmas gift ideas

Friday, November 28, 2014

Spring Crafts for Kids - Pencil

Spring is finally here and the outdoors invites us to come out and play.
Anything that will get kids moving and running is a good thing.
The spring rolls make a great boat. Make them inside or outside tables and pull fresh air. This job is suitable for pre-K to primary supervision and assistance. 
Child care centers, primary schools and home schools all will find that your kids will enjoy doing these.
Materials needed:

1-6 ½ "x 6 ½" piece of white paper
1-12 "rule
1 - pen writing
Pencils, markers, crayons and / or colored
1 - safety scissors
1 - Thumbtack
1 - wood regular pencil, blunt tail


Step :

1 - Place the ruler diagonally across the square and draw a line of 3 "(From every corner of every corner diagonally Repeat this on the other two corners mark the center of the square 4 ½.).".
2 - Use crayons, markers, crayons and / or colored to decorate the reel. Consider each coloring "triangles" 4 of a different color. Make sure that the lines drawn in step 1 are always distinguished.
3 - Once the lines of stage 1, cut the lines from each corner of the center - 3 ".
4 - Do not bend, but gently fold all other corners up to 4 points are in the center.
5 - Stick the pin through the four points and center.
6 - Attach the pin on the pencil eraser firmly.
7 - Wind the bobbin around the pushrod to enlarge the hole and loosen the reel to rotate.
8 - running in the wind and have fun!

The age of the child dictate how much help and supervision required. Be especially careful with tack with preschoolers.


- Vary the size of the coil by varying the size of the square. Draw your diagonal lines; make a mark in the central third lane in each line. Cut into the corner marking on each line.
- Use different pastel paper.
- Use a heavy pin with a ball at the end instead of error. Separating rubber reel with one, two or three balls (depending on the length of the pin). Put accounts and then glue the pin in the draft.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Lantern Painting - Take Lanterns Amazon

This is the last day of the rays Handcrafts and finished with a magnificent lantern painted Christmas star. Take lanterns Amazon, then just add a little paint. You will have some extraordinary decoration holidays minutes. If you missed any of the lightning fun crafts this week, be sure to check out the handicrafts quick vacation from day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4. Just a note that this post is a part of my state design team with DecoArt where I pay for my participation. All projects and opinions and my own though.
Items needed to make their own lanterns Christmas Star:

christmas lanterns lights
Christmas pictures ideas

  • Glass Hanging Candle Lantern Star
  • Bright enamels red, gold and green Gel
  • Brush
  • The tea light candle
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Screwdriver

christmas lanterns painting
Hand painted christmas decorations
The chandeliers are held by small tabs like a picture frame. You can use a small screwdriver to lift the tabs and remove each glass panel.

christmas reef
Christmas lanterns glass
I followed both sides so I removed everything is back the same way it came out. Arrange the pieces flat side down and we are in the process of painting the face with texture. Clean textured with alcohol and allow to dry completely side.
filipino christmas lanterns for sale
Painting paper lanterns

Use the gel gloss enamel paint each piece. These paintings to dry slightly translucent so it will be in color but light can still shine through. I had to make two layers and three layers each piece in red. Allow to dry completely between coats. You can cook the pieces according to package directions and make sure the paint is constantly on the glass.

painted christmas lantern amazon
Christmas decorations homemade
Then just use the screwdriver to insert coins into the lantern and secure with small tabs. Add your tea light inside his lantern Christmas star over.
Recycled lantern painting
Candle christmas laterns
I was inspired to make these large flashlights when my friend Jessica Mad in Crafts mentioned to me the beauty of the Christmas star or parols Philippines. These gorgeous hand painted stars are a Christmas tradition there and are so colorful and unique. This is a very simple version compared to some that he created. Be sure to make a Google image search so you might be surprised too. My small version should do for my home decoration but beautiful images remind me every day this holiday season.
Beauty Christmas star
Stars come with chain for hanging. I think it would be great outside and inside this holiday season. Be sure to choose some of them and spend a few minutes painting. You can choose to paint like mine or vary the colors for you own version. Anyway these lanterns Christmas star shine in your home this holiday season! ...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Recycled Craft Books Are Great Ideas for DIYers

It has been some years now that I've created my first DIY project a recycled wine bottle past. Since that fateful day, I did craft projects of all types of recycled materials.

DIY creative projects of the materials used is a fun way to reduce our landfills, highlighting our lives and make beautiful unique pieces of art. Unfortunately, Pinterest and many other similar sites within our reach, is not always easy to move from research to actually create great ideas for crafts. Some of us get lost in the huge amount of information and photos of beautiful handicrafts available online and can focus on a single project, or you started.

With the holiday season almost upon us once again, many of us are struggling to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Do you have a friend or family member who is "taste" many different DIY projects made with recycled products "pinning" or? Why not get a book that includes various craft projects made of reusable household items. There are plenty of them available.

Many recycled craft books I saw recently include many green projects to choose from. The books are beautifully illustrated and include step by step instructions of green crafts for children to smart ways to recycle and smart to use almost all ways.

Here is a list of recycled projects that make great green craft materials:

Bottles of wine or liquor recycled

old jeans
Old jeans and other clothing

recycle things

fabric craft ideas
Son and scrap fabrics

diy craft ideas
And bottle caps
Pop boxes
Milk and juice containers
Outdated magazines

Find a special handmade book to your favorite DIY'er shows that you care and pay attention to his favorite pastimes.

Sometimes all a craftsman needs a good book and a couple of hours from the computer to get the creative juices flowing again is. A book is tangible and can go wherever you go. You never know when or where the muse can attack.

I think a colorful book, entertaining and informative engine will make a great gift idea this holiday season. These books of green crafts are for everyone who loves creating unique fun projects using recycled materials, from beginners to more advanced crafters.

It's even better if you can join your favorite DIY'er in one or more recycled craft projects ....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6 Good Ideas For Recycle Paper

1. The paper is fed from the hopper and deposits it into a large container in the recycling paper, along with other recycling containers.

Recycle paper making

2. The paper from a recycling plant where it is separated into types and grades.

Recycle paper for money

3. A separate document is then washed with soapy water to remove inks, foils, staples and glue. The paper is placed on a door that is mixed with water to create "mud".

Recycle paper for cash

4. By adding different materials to the suspension, various paper products can be created, such as cardboard, paper or office paper.

Ways to recycle office paper

5. The paste is spread by using large rollers in large thin sheets.

recycle paper at home
Recycle paper tissues

6. The paper is dried and ready to be cut wrapped and shipped to stores.

Ship stores in transit

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Emerging Trend - The Shift Toward Single-Stream Recycling

There is a new trend in the recycling industry in terms of adaptation of single stream recycling programs. Recycling program to single stream has become increasingly popular in many towns and villages as a direct way to collect recyclables. He became modern recycling efforts increasingly realistic and highly acclaimed evolve and help shape disposal, collection and recycling of materials. This change is intended to replace traditional programs of several streams to maximize results in different environments.
Emerging Trend - The Shift Toward Single-Stream Recycling
Emerging Trend - The Shift Toward Single-Stream Recycling
Single-stream refers to a recycling system wherein all reusable materials are deposited in a uniform container. Recyclables are then collected by a waste hauler, equipped with trucks that offer automated mechanisms for the collection of materials in a single compartment. Postharvest transport goods to a resumption of plant materials for reuse and classification of the preparation. Recyclables are then retreat by manufacturers on new products, such as towels, newspapers and stationery.

The purpose of single-stream recycling is to maximize the benchmark rate to economic efficiency. This process promotes sustainability because it diverts materials from landfills, reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources while effectively closing the recycling loop. Loop recycling, recycling, recycling and buying products by consumers is distinguished; establish a continuous chain of production materials.

The implementation of effective recycling programs that use a container requires the collection of collaborative materials, processors, manufacturers and buyers. A communication channel well organized can produce positive program results; including reducing collection costs, decreased injuries carrier, convenient and simple way to point of diversion, increasing participation rates and a slope on the materials accepted for collection.

The trend of single stream recycling is commonplace in communities such as Toronto, Chicago and Austin. Following the implementation of a system of this type for each of these municipalities have seen an influx in recycling efforts in the community. The Austin Chronicle discerned that, "In practice, the current has just been a great success: Austin have increased their recycling by forty-seven percent," [1] However, it was also noted that there was an increase comparative costs of treatment a reduction in commodity prices due to increased pollution and low cycling of paper. Experts in the field of recycling insisted that these negatives do not outweigh positive because all recycling programs have shortcomings; Participants must recognize and find ways to work with them. The Austin Chronicle concluded that the transition to a recycling bin is possible by the result and overall efficiency.

In conclusion, the trend of single-stream recycling continues to evolve and take form in various environments. Only time will determine its success and permanence of reducing our carbon footprint. If the current system applications are an indication of the rail industry, adding that this trend is the future of recycling and has the potential to expose a huge impact on the preservation of the environment.