Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pirates and beach sensory play

We are so ready for the warm weather and be able to play at the beach I set up a beach sensory play for the kids today using our Homemade moon sand and then added some blue jello for the water.

This sensory tub was easy to set up and very inexpensive. Along with the fun play, it is great for their imagination.

I gathered our ocean play toys, shells and some pirate play stuff. The kids played for at least a hour and then came back to it several times through out the day.

I even got some of our pirate treasure and hid them in the moon sand for them to find when they were digging. They loved it.

After they played a while I added some other toys to twist it up a little.

Jake was excited to find the treasure.

We love playing with different sensory bins, be sure to check out some of the others one we have done below.


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