Friday, April 5, 2013

Recycled Old Umbrellas

The spring rains you've got this year completely wore out your old umbrellas, but hated to throw it away? well instead of tossing it into the recycling bin box here are a few ideas for recycling and reusing that old umbrellas.

recycled material old umbrellas
Broken umbrella
Umbrella pictures
Artist Jean Shin Creates a Colorful Canopy Out of Orphaned Umbrellas. Broken umbrellas have been deconstructed, reassembled and sewing them together to create this shade-giving canopy for the Socrates Sculpture Park in NYC.

Picture of colourfull umbrella
Twinkling Colourfull Umbrellas

arts umbrella pictures
Umbrella Art

Old umbrella rain

Umbrella Ceiling Lamp

Umbrella recycled
Umbrella Art

Recycled dresses umbrella
old clothes
skirt styles umbrella
Umbrella Skirt

Handy bag umbrella
Handy Tote Bag

house decor recycled
House Decor

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