Friday, March 15, 2013

Counting and color matching learning game

I was on Pinterest and came across this free mason jar printable by Sweetly Scrapped, so I printed several of them. Thank so much Sweetly Scrapped!!

I colored them different colors and wrote the name of each color on the jar, then laminated them so we could use them several different times.

I bought a bag of jelly beans and poured them in a bowl and gave Jake and Cate each their own mason jar printables.

Cate (2 y/o) had her sort the colors and she also did some counting.

Jake (4 y/o) had him count and match to correct color. Then did some small math asking if I took or added blank # how many does that give him? 

You can also use this as a fun busy bag game as well.

They both were really into this learning game.

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