Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flower pot carrot dirt dessert

I first saw this idea in the Disney Family Fun Magazine, but they made it with hummus last year and my kids will not eat hummus. I was going to make this treat last year and time past too fast.

So today Jake and I made brownies for daddy and took some of it for the dirt for our flower pot treat. Then to make the carrots I bought circus peanuts and sour punch straws from Walgreen's. Both cost less than a dollar. Picture below.

What you need to make the carrots.

1. Cut the licorice up in to 3 sections, then cut the top 3 quarters.
2. Use to toothpick and put a hole in the top of the peanuts
3. Put licorice in the hole and you will have a carrot.

These are super easy to make and great for a kid party or yummy treat.

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