Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6 Good Ideas For Recycle Paper

1. The paper is fed from the hopper and deposits it into a large container in the recycling paper, along with other recycling containers.

Recycle paper making

2. The paper from a recycling plant where it is separated into types and grades.

Recycle paper for money

3. A separate document is then washed with soapy water to remove inks, foils, staples and glue. The paper is placed on a door that is mixed with water to create "mud".

Recycle paper for cash

4. By adding different materials to the suspension, various paper products can be created, such as cardboard, paper or office paper.

Ways to recycle office paper

5. The paste is spread by using large rollers in large thin sheets.

recycle paper at home
Recycle paper tissues

6. The paper is dried and ready to be cut wrapped and shipped to stores.

Ship stores in transit

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