Friday, November 28, 2014

Spring Crafts for Kids - Pencil

Spring is finally here and the outdoors invites us to come out and play.
Anything that will get kids moving and running is a good thing.
The spring rolls make a great boat. Make them inside or outside tables and pull fresh air. This job is suitable for pre-K to primary supervision and assistance. 
Child care centers, primary schools and home schools all will find that your kids will enjoy doing these.
Materials needed:

1-6 ½ "x 6 ½" piece of white paper
1-12 "rule
1 - pen writing
Pencils, markers, crayons and / or colored
1 - safety scissors
1 - Thumbtack
1 - wood regular pencil, blunt tail


Step :

1 - Place the ruler diagonally across the square and draw a line of 3 "(From every corner of every corner diagonally Repeat this on the other two corners mark the center of the square 4 ½.).".
2 - Use crayons, markers, crayons and / or colored to decorate the reel. Consider each coloring "triangles" 4 of a different color. Make sure that the lines drawn in step 1 are always distinguished.
3 - Once the lines of stage 1, cut the lines from each corner of the center - 3 ".
4 - Do not bend, but gently fold all other corners up to 4 points are in the center.
5 - Stick the pin through the four points and center.
6 - Attach the pin on the pencil eraser firmly.
7 - Wind the bobbin around the pushrod to enlarge the hole and loosen the reel to rotate.
8 - running in the wind and have fun!

The age of the child dictate how much help and supervision required. Be especially careful with tack with preschoolers.


- Vary the size of the coil by varying the size of the square. Draw your diagonal lines; make a mark in the central third lane in each line. Cut into the corner marking on each line.
- Use different pastel paper.
- Use a heavy pin with a ball at the end instead of error. Separating rubber reel with one, two or three balls (depending on the length of the pin). Put accounts and then glue the pin in the draft.

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