Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spring Art Ornament - Recycled Christmas Tree

The art of the chain was hot, hot this year, so I thought why not make some art artwork chain. Make these unique additions to their trees with their children this season. My crew loves the art of strings, so I know it will be fun for the whole family. The version of the Christmas tree down is actually my son thought so be sure to let your imagination run when you're drawing.

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Art Supplies String Decoration:

Forms of roundwood
Wood glue
Drilling strong enough to drill wood or drilling with drill
Art Paintings
Twine Baker
Hot glue
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Click ropes art decorations:

Start with round shapes and either a punch or a drill. Put a hole in all its forms in the same place. Stack the shapes with wood glue between each. Let dry as recommended on the bottle. Painting forms on the front, back and sides with craft paint the desired color.

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Use a pencil to mark where the holes of the nails are placed. Put a nail in each place making sure not to go all the way through their stacked forms. Using baker's twine to wrap your nails and create art chain. Start your nails first mooring chain and end of your baker with a knot too.

How to make christmas ornaments

Cover the exposed edges of your ornament with ribbon with hot glue to secure. Add some ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree too.
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We did a couple of different versions of string art but I can see a lot of different options. What shape do you want your art artwork strings? Enjoy this fun working with your children this season and make an ornament treasure through the years. Be sure to put your name and date on the back of his creations. You want to remember that within 10 years. Now break this chain and make their own art artwork chain today.

Homemade christmas gift ideas

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