Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alphabet crafts for each letter

 There is so many fun ways you can teach the alphabet to your kids. I put together a list below of fun literacy learning with crafts. We love making crafts so I thought it would be fun to share some of the crafts we have done and some that other great bloggers have done with their little ones.
Letter A is for Apple
by: Momma's Fun World 

Letter B is for bumble bee
by: Our Alphabet Adventure

by: Momma's Fun World 

by: Play and Learn with Dana

Letter E for Elephant
by: Homeschool Creations

Letter F is for flower
by: The Princess and the Tot

Letter G is for grass
by: No Time For Flashcards

Letter H is for horse
by: Miss Maren's Monkeys

Letter I craft is for ice cream
by: Play and Learn with Dana

Letter J is for jaguar
by: Meet the Dubiens

Letter K is for kisses
by: Kiboomu kids crafts

Letter L is for ladybug
by: The Princess and the Tot

Letter M is for muffin
by: Tot School
Letter N is for nest
by: Rockabye Butterfly
Letter O is for ocean
by: Walking by the way

Letter P is for penguin
by: Totally Tot
Letter Q is for quail
by: Rockabye Butterfly

Letter R is for rabbit
by: Play and Learn with Dana

Letter S is for sunflower
by: Momma's Fun World

Letter T is for turkey
by: Mrs. Nelson's Class
Letter U for untensils and umbrella
by: Rockabye Butterfly 

Letter V is for vase
by: Counting Coconuts
Letter W is for walrus
by: Our Alphabet Adventure
Letter X is for xylophone
by: Crayons Glue and Scissors
Letter Y is for yellow
by: No Time for Flash Cards
Letter Z is for zebra
by: Momma Smarty Pants
You can also teach the alphabet making your own learning games. Below are several fun ways we did literacy learning with hands on games.

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