Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Time 75 things to do with kids

We love doing fun things outside, in nice weather so we are really looking forward to spring weather soon. Below I put together 75 things you can do with your kids for spring that cost next to nothing. What better way then to spend time with you kids and not have to spend a lot of money.

Happy Spring!!!

2. Have a picnic
3. Fly a kite
4. Build a fort with blankets
5. Lay and watch the cloud, find different shapes or pictures
6. Tour a local fire station
7. Wash the car or make your own carwash
8. Go bird watching
9. Visit the library
10. Ice excavation
11. Feed the ducks
12. Have a tea party
13. Paint a pet rock
14. Camp in the back yard
15. Make homemade lemonade stand
16. Start a garden
17. Visit the local Zoo
18. Catch fireflies
19. Pick flowers
20. Visit a local farmers market
21. Go on a nature walk

23. Go to a near by airport watch planes take off and land
24. Bake your favorite treats
26. Blow bubbles
27. Make a picture book
28. Go to a local museum
30. Play cards
31. Make sand castles
32. Play hopscotch
33. Have a slumber party
by: Mamas Like Me

35. Take a bus tour around the area
36. Play tag
37. Go fishing
38. Visit a local craft store for make and take
39. Explore with kool-aid play
40. Have a dance party with the kids favorite music
41. Play dress-up
42. Make picture collages cutting picture from old magazines
43. Make your own marble run
by: Golden Gleam

45. Tell Jokes
46. Make fun hand art
47. Make Ice Art
48. Make volcano's have science day
49. Wash toys in big sink
50. Make your own felt board for fun play
51. Make ice cream playdough
52. Make cards for family and friends
53. Build a sensory themed play
54. Make your own waterwall
55. Have a barbecue
56. Visit a local farm
57. Throw pennies in a fountain
58. Go boat watching
59. Bring homemade crafts to a local nursing home
60. Make your own movie car and have movie night
by: Not just a housewife

61. Decorate flower pots and plant flowers
62. Have a pretend party, kids serve the adults
63. Have water balloon tosses
64. Make your own Moon Sand
65. Build a pretend campfire
by: Filth Wizardry

66. Puddle stomping
67. Ride bikes
68. Play kickball
69. Build your own Teepee
70. Skip rocks at the lake
71. Read your favorite books
72. Make an ice volcano 
73. Visit the local pet store
74. Play putt putt golf
75.  Make your own bird feeders

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