Friday, March 22, 2013

Recycle Water Bottles into Candle Holders

This is such a fun project for teens and adults as well– perfect for Spring and Easter! It’s also a great craft for kids too because it not only involves paint but recycling  water bottles too. It’s never to soon to teach children the value of recycling, is it?

The Facts
-U.S. plastic beverage bottle recycling rates are only at about 30%
-2.8 Billion plastic bottles ended up in California landfills in 2011
-Even though a package says it is “100% recycleABLE”, that does not mean it is made with recyclED plastic.  It just means it CAN BE recycled.  In fact, most containers are not made of recycled plastic.

Cut the top part of the bottle off. Wipe the outside of the plastic with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.

Used glass paint Gloss Enamels by Americana, used both glitter and frost. The frost is nice but the glitter is really pretty. And sparkly.

To cover the neck, glued a strip of ribbon around it.

So simple. So sparkly.

Best on Center Table

Add a faux gilded easter egg here and there and you have a pretty spring centerpiece for your table or mantle.

Courtesy of Colleen at

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