Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recycled Lighting Decor

I admit that I’d rather buy the things I need than to do them myself, especially if I am talking about things that look better when they are bought from the store and I can only imitate the original stuff. Well, if you are creative enough and you have some skills, you could make some wonderful work though. The best example are this amazing and creative set of products below, try and enjoy !

The Bee Hives is a set of three pendant lamp. The set includes 2 half gallon and a quart-sized jar pendant lamps. The transparent glass jars are wrapped in rope and their shape along with the texture and color of the rope make them resemble a bee hive. These pendant lamps would be particularly suitable for a porch, patio or deck but they can be very charming indoor as well. 

Wine bottles, once they’re empty, don’t have much value. They can still be recycled or repurposed but usually they are used as recipients. This wine bottle chandelier is quite ingenious. The bottles have been cleverly repurposed and in this context they even have an artistic impact on the design. 

Chandeliers Made from Salvaged Bicycle Parts
The chandeliers you see in the photos are made from bicycle chains, wheels and other parts, It’s a very interesting and creative way of repurposing old bike parts.

A chandelier made of Mason jars. The jars are transparent so the light is bright but it’s also subtle and pleasant. The jars are pendants and they are paired with filament light bulbs for a nice vintage look and a charming design. The room will feel very cozy and comfortable with such a chandelier.

What do you say about lighting your room with cup and saucer? This thing is possible now due to Gregory Bonasera’s work. He is an Australian ceramicist who has specialized in lighting and created these gorgeous enlighting cups of tea. Their position is suspended upside down, their small plate does not miss and are colored beautifully. 

Can you think other uses of used pens, except writing? Studio Empieza has some answers to this question. They thought of using pens for creating original objects, such as: table lamps, chandeliers .They are interesting, hand made objects, which will attract all the attention upon them. 

This SMP lamp was made by the designer Sergio Mendoza from actual scratch. So you can do what he did and take all kinds of bits of wood that remained from other woodwork and combine them into an unusual, but creative lamp shade. The idea was given by the many wooden crates that were burnt after being used for delivering fruit, so Sergio Mendoza thought he would find a proper use for them and maybe for other unconventional and recyclable materials, too.

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