Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Homemade scented bath paints

We love bath time it is one of our favorite times together. We are always doing something fun and creative. While playing the other night I mixed some kool-aid in with the kids Johnson and Johnson's bath soap and it worked well for paint and colored bubble bath.

We use to paint with our shaving cream bath paints, but Cate has sensitive skin and so we had to stop using it. The bath soap and kool-aid worked great  cause it is for sensitive skin and it's also great cause it is tear free for their eyes.

Note: You can use the Target brand as well it works just like the Johnson and Johnson's baby bath.

We used our bath paints to paint Easter eggs. We also did a Peter Cotton Tail Bunny that we decorated like our Frosty the snowman bath we did at Christmas.

To do this bath all you need is craft foam and cut the shapes you need. Craft foam acts like stickers in the tub when it is wet. They stick to the wall and the bath.

The nice thing about these paints is that you can paint on craft foam over and over again and  it washes right off. So you can use the foam eggs for multiple fun baths. Jake even painted on the plastic eggs as well.

Then we sang the song in the bath while putting Peter Rabbit together.

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