Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sharks and minnows alphabet fishing game

We love playing fun learning games. What better way then to have fun playing and learning at the same time. So I found this free printable over at Projects for preschoolers and printed it and traced the shark and minnows onto craft foam.

Then I placed paper clips on them and wrote upper and lower case letters so we could play a matching fishing and spelling game.

This is a great game for learning as well as fine motor and eye/hand coordination for kids.

How we played is I would hold up a letter and Jake would fish for them with the magnetic fishing poles. Then I would spell words and he put them in order.

This game can be played in a sensory bin, kiddie pool, bath tub or a sand box like we did. Great for a center area in a preschool or daycare as well.

If you don't have a magnetic fishing pole stop by Bonbon Break and check out the cool homemade fishing pole she made for her kids.

If you like learning games below are some of our favorites.

Shamrock learning

Color and shape learning

Fall number learning tree

You can also do learning in the kiddie pool when it is warm outside like we did over the summer. We are so ready for it to be warm outside.

Alphabet scooping fun

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