Friday, February 22, 2013

Shamrock science for kids

Three great ways to add a little St.Patrick's Day fun to kids science play. Twist things up a little to make it look and seem different to them using some house hold items.
Baking soda
Shamrock table toppers(Dollar Store)
Shamrock molds (A.C. Moore use coupon get it for $4.99)

How to make Shimmery Shamrock Science

Mixed baking soda, green kool-aid, and glitter all in a bowl, then placed water in a squeeze bottle and made it erupt.

How to make Erupting Green Shamrocks

I mixed our fake snow mixture together and added green kool-aid to it for the green color, then placed it in a silicone shamrock mold and let them freeze over night.  That made them hard like rocks. Then I placed them on a tray/pan and the kids used pipettes to squirt the vinegar on them for them to fizz. We had Fizzing Shamrocks.

This is a great fine motor skill for toddlers and preschoolers using the pipettes.

We have made fizzing rocks before but never thought about putting them in molds til I saw it at Science Sparks from Pinterest.

Make your own Glittery Shamrock Play Dough

You can make this 3 different ways use regular store bought play dough, kool-aid play dough, or gluten free play dough. Then just add some fun glitter to it and play away. We also added mint extract to this batch for a yummy smell.

Shamrock Slushy

Slushy Science

If you haven't see our new recipe for Kool-Aid Ice cream dough be sure to check it out.

Kool-Aid ice cream dough

Ice Volcano

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