Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make your own "Moon sand" sensory play

Kids love to make sand castles and build in the sand, so what better way to do this then in your own home. Using 3 simple ingredients and costing next to nothing you can make it yourself.

10lb bag of sand from Home Depot ($5.00)
1 box of corn starch
Tempera paint (if you want it colored)
Large container(We got ours from Home Depot for $5.00 cement bin)

How to make:
Mix the dry ingredients together first then add the water. 

When we made it we only did a little at a time so I mixed about 10 cups of sand to 5 cups of corn starch and  and 1 cup of water. You don't want to use too much water. You just want it to have a damp feel, so you are able to mold it.

The kids will play for hours with this stuff. Once you are done playing with it place in a sealed container and will be ready for the next play time.

Below are some of the fun sensory play bins we have done. Post will be coming soon as to what we used for each one.

We have had a blast playing with this Moon Sand

You can even use cookie cutters to make different shapes.

Here are some other homemade recipes we have done if you like to make things yourself.

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