Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recycling Old T-Shirt into a Scarf

T-shirts have a lifespan, they don’t last forever, they stretch, they fade, they get stained, and sometimes the tees stay the same but the owner changes size, or just changes their taste. So what do you do with a t-shirt when you don’t want to wear it anymore? (and you don’t want to give them to charity for whatever reason). Simply recycle your old T-shirt into something new like a fashionable scarf.

Spaghetti Knit Scarf

Fringe Scarves

Two Toned Braid Scarf

Fabulous No-Sew Ruffle Scarf

Ombre Infinity Scarf

Combines Braided, Spaghetti and Fringe-Like Styles

Braided, Double Layer Scarf

Ringlet T-Shirt Scarf

Spaghetti Scarf

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