Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainbow erupting "Ice Volcano"

"J" would sit and do volcano's all day long if you gave him enough baking soda and vinegar. With all the fun science we have been doing the other night when freezing things for other projects, I thought how cool would it be to have an ice volcano.

So I gathered a container, a cup to place in the middle for the hole and some heavy rocks to keep it from floating and it worked. 

When "J" saw me take it out of the freezer he said, "mom, what is that?" I told him and he was so excited.

Cup(to place in the center for the hole)
Something heavy to hold the cup down(we used some small rocks from our sensory play)

Then to make it erupt we used kool-aid powder(rainbow colors), baking soda and vinegar.

Place baking soda and kool-aid together in the middle of the ice. Then squeeze vinegar and it erupts. Can do several times just rinse the ice off.

This was alot of fun to see all the colors appear at once.

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