Friday, February 15, 2013

Make your own bath water wall

Over the summer we made a fun outdoor water wall and the kids had a blast. The kids have been asking to play with it but it is WAY too cold to play with water outside. So we went to the hardware store and got the stuff to make one for the bath.

Clear tubing from hardware store
PVC connectors 1/2 in and the tubing fit right in them.
Duct tape to tape to the wall

We got both the tubing and pvc connectors at Lowe's. Tubing was $.31 a foot and the connectors were $.21 to .34. I bought 10 feet of tubing and we had extra left over.

The kids had a blast and kept feeling the tubing with colored water to watch it go threw the tubes. This is a great eye/hand coordination and fine motor skill for the kids. As well as fun.

They had a blast and then took some of the tubing down and blew bubbles like it was a big straw.

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