Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rainbow colors and shapes learning bath

In the dollar section of Target they had these great laminated "Leap Frog" spin charts so I picked up 2 of them to practice shapes and colors with "C".

Then I was in the Dollar Tree and in their learning section they had 2 packets of foam shapes. So I got them as well.

This made for a very easy learning bath to put together for the kids.

I took all the shapes and let them float in the tub and placed some around the tub. Taped the learning chart up for them to spin. They were so excited when they came in. "J" said, "sissy we are going to play a game look" and pointed to the spin wheel. 

This set up is great for the bath, to make a learning center in the classroom or even make a floor game with it. Open ended learning for less then $3.00.

So "J" spun the wheel and would tell "C" what she needed to look for. It was so cute listening to them. "C" would hold the shape up or place it on the tray behind her. After she was done she started putting them on her saying, "momma stickers, stickers." The loved this bath.

With "J" we did counting and patterns so I would start a pattern and he would finish it. Also, he would find the number I called out and count the shapes.

This was a fun learning bath for the kids and lots of different ways you can do things. "J" asked could they do it again tomorrow night. Love when they ask to do fun learning again.

If you can't find the foam colored shapes at the Dollar Tree, you can always cut shapes out yourself with craft foam. Then just wet them and they stick to the bath walls and tub.

We love doing fun learning baths below are some of our favorite ones.

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