Monday, January 21, 2013

Glowing sand "Dino Dig" sensory fun.

"J" has been all into the fun dinosaur sensory play and we were in the Dollar Tree the other day and I found these fun "glow in the dark" dinosaur puzzle fossil pieces so I had to pick them up.

We added them to our glowing sand and turned our fun black light on and "J" and "C" had a blast. After they explored finding different size fossil bones I added a fun twist. 

I mixed baking soda into the glowing sand to make it bubble and erupt. I also made some glowing rocks as well.  Post for the glowing rock science will be up tomorrow.

The kids LOVED this sensory play. They were really into it. It was also a great fine motor and eye/hand coordination for the kids. We used tweezers to pick up the fossils and then squirt bottles for the vinegar spray. If you have older kids they would love this as well and you can add learning to it with dinosaur info and talk about dinosaur facts.

I loved how "J" got his flashlight looking for the fossils. I asked him why he needed his flashlight and he said, "Mom we are in a cave digging." Love his imagination.

Be sure to check back this week on how to make your own glowing rock science.

Also, if you don't have a black light we got ours at Home Depot for $15.00. They are alot of fun to play with.

If you like dinosaur sensory play be sure to check out some of our other ones we have done.

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