Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Make your own kid safe scented oil paint

I am always exploring new ways to come up with things for the little ones to explore sensory play, fall time I saw this new Duncan Hines Frosting creations in pumpkin flavor and so we used it to make our scented pumpkin pie craft and the kids loved it.

So I thought about using it to make a fun oil paint for the bath for the kids and it worked great and smelled so good. You can also use it on white paper for kids to make fun pictures.

Cooking oil (we used vegetable oil)
Duncan Hines Frosting creation pack(can find at most grocery stores down the baking aisle) 

To make I mixed 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and couple sprinkles of scented Duncan Hines frosting mix.

"C" loved smelling the paint brush, she kept saying "yummy momma, yummy" I liked doing this cause it gives you a better variety than kool-aid  cause there are 15 different scents to use.

Today we used  Cotton Candy, White Chocolate Raspberry, Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Creme

If you like to make your own simple, inexpensive, scented paints check out our kool-aid paint.

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