Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alphabet treasure sensory learning play

My kids love pirate play and we have lots of fun with sensory bins so I put together a fun and super easy alphabet learning bin.

This bin cost less than $5.00 to put together. I used the pirate toys we had around the house and then to make the dirt I just used a container of dry oatmeal and mixed in dry instant coffee to make it have that dirty look.

The coins, necklace,and  letters I got all at the Dollar Tree. You can even get the oatmeal and instant coffee there as well. 

"J" knows his letters but I still like to practice doing them so he doesn't lose track. The fun thing about this sensory bin is you can do numbers, letters, or even words. 

We love to sing and play music, so I like to come up with games that have songs when trying to get "J" to follow along. It helps him to get into the game and keep his mind off that he is learning.

Song we sang: (Tune is to Are you Sleeping?)

Digging for treasures
Digging for treasures
One by one
One by one
Found letter (blank)
found letter (blank)
Now lets have some fun 

Then after we got a letter I would ask what is something that starts with that letter or you can ask what sound does that letter make.

Then you start over again.

This is a fun game to play with kids in preschool or even in kindergarten.

Love "J" face he was so excited when he came downstairs this morning and saw this.

 "C" was really into the treasure box, they played for over an hour.

Materials used:
Large container of oatmeal($2.00 @ Wal-Mart)
Instant coffee($1.00 @ Dollar Tree)
Magnet letters($1.00 @ Dollar Tree)
Rest of the things were from around the house

Also the sensory bin we use is from Home Depot is a cement mixing container $5.00.

After the kids play with the coffee oatmeal mix can be placed in a baggie and reuse it. Can get multiple uses out of this for less than $5.00.

If you like to play games with songs be sure to check out some of the other fun ones we have done.

Also, make sure you check back next week cause I have a dinosaur and construction one coming.

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