Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun snowman ornament using cottonballs

I love the clear plastic ornaments the craft stores came out with a couple years ago.The kids can make things with them and you don't have to worry about them dropping and breaking, no one getting hurt
I am a snowman lover and we are really into all the fun ornaments this year, so I have the kids fill the ornament with cotton balls and then they added faces to them.

Easy and great fine motor/eye hand coordination for the little ones.

Great little gift to give family members from the kids and it cost less than $1.00. I like to stock up on them at the end of the holiday when they are on clearance cause you can do so much with them.

Clear ornament bulb...these are plastic so they are safe for kids
Cotton balls
Sharpie marker (black and orange)
Ribbon to tie on tree

Below are some of our favorite things we have made this holiday season
Snowflake ornament
Gingerbread making sensory fun
Reindeer ornaments

Be sure to check back cause we do have couple more fun things before Christmas.

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