Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teaching your child to write their name

We have been working with "J" on writing his name. He loves to write on the dry erase board when doing it. Over the weekend I was at Target and found these dry erase board name plates, you get 4 for $1.00 great deal.

Then saw dry erase crayons at Micheal's and thought it would be better to write with them instead of the big markers. So I picked them up as well $2.99 then 40% off not to bad of a deal.

On the dry erase name plates I wrote in permanent black marker his name using dots, so he can trace it and then wipe it and do it again.

He has been writing his name for several months but on a big dry erase board and his letters are BIG when he writes. Will not fit on paper when it is time for school. So this way will help him write smaller.

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