Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Water Wall fun

We got a set from Lakeshore Learning that was colored piping and you pour water in it and the water runs thru. J and C loves playing with them so I thought a water wall would be fun to make.

So the kids and I took a trip to Home Depot and got peg board and cable ties. The peg board will have to be cut it is one big sheet for $18., so I had the guy cut the board into 3 pieces no set size.

Then when we got home we gathered things around the house to make our water wall. We used different size funnels, some of the plastic piping and some recycled containers.

Then we used the cable ties and tied them to the board. Remember when you are doing the lining up to make sure the water will drip.

Peg Board $18. for large sheet and can make 2-3 water wall out of it.
Cable ties $1. (pack pf 25 at Dollar Tree)
Funnels $1. each
Recycled bottles free

We also added some more color to our wall and added some hand prints and sponge painted.

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