Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ladybug mobile out of recycled egg carton

We painted and made a recycled craft with our left over egg cartons since we have alot from Easter.

We read The Grouchy Ladybug and 10 little ladybugs since we are working with numbers.

Thought it would be fun to make something ladybug, so we did.

Colored paint
Egg carton
2 wood sticks
Black puff paint (used for line and dots for ladybugs)

First I took the sticks and crossed them to make a X and tied the yarn around the center, second had J paint the ladybugs. Let them dry then we painted the stripe and dots with puff paint. Then I poked the holes on the top of the egg carton and pulled yarn thru.

Painting the egg carton

Adding the dots for the ladybug

J's hanging ladybug mobile

All finished

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