Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recycle 03: Everything's Gone Green


[Link removed 20 November 2012] (26 MB)

Everything's Gone Green
Factory Benelux (Belgium) FBN8
Produced by Martin Hannett
November 1981


1. Everything's Gone Green (12" Version)
2. Cries And Whispers (usually mis-titled Mesh)
3. Mesh (usually mis-titled Cries And Whispers)
1 and 3 sourced from PolyGram Canada
1981 - 1982 CD EP 830 408-2
2 sourced from

Everything's Gone Green is an unusual New Order single in many ways. First of all, the 12" and B-sides were issued by Factory Benelux, so it was only available in the UK as an import. Second, the A-side was the B-side to Procession, as noted on the previous installment. Third, it was their first recording to feature a sequencer, which would go on to become a defining part of their sound in just a couple of years. It was also their last work to be produced by Martin Hannett. Finally, due to a mix-up on the sleeve, the two B-side tracks had their titles transposed on the
Substance compilation, which was never corrected in the 20+ years that the album was in print. The artwork for this bundle has been revised to reflect the correct running order.

While all of these tracks have been issued on CD at some point, the respective discs (both the Factory Benelux issue in 1990, and the Canadian
1981 - 1982 EP) have been out-of-print for many years now.

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