Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recycle 02: Procession


[Link removed 20 November 2012] (19 MB)

Factory Records FAC 53
Produced by Martin Hannett
September 1981


1. Procession
2. Everything's Gone Green (7" Version)

Sourced from:
1. PolyGram Canada 1981 - 1982 CD EP 830 408-2
2: FAC 53 UK 45 RPM 7" single

Notes from the restorer:

Track 2 was transcribed at 33 RPM, de-clicked, and then pitch-shifted to 45 RPM in the digital domain at which point the remaining processing was done (20Hz highpass filter, convert from stereo to mid/side, noise reduction on side channel only, convert back to stereo, EQ and just a touch of limiting).

The sleeve for this came in no less than 9 different colours. Green was picked to match the B-side. :)
Procession was a bit of an usual choice for a single, lacking any strong melody or riff. Seems that the band feels the same way, since it was relegated to the B-side disc on the Substance compilation. Then again, the single doesn't even list an A or B side, and even the deadwax inscription doesn't provide any clues. The side with Procession has the word "soft", while Everything's Gone Green shows "hard". Nonetheless, all the discographies list Procession as the A-side, so I'll play along.

The version here of Everything's Gone Green is not just an edit of the 12", but a slightly different mix.

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