Monday, March 18, 2013

Egg-citing Exploration

We were making hard boiled eggs the other day to color and Jake was asking all these questions. So after we were done boiling the eggs, I decide to do an experiment with him about the difference between a raw egg and a hard boiled egg.

I got a pan and had him crack both eggs open, didn't tell him which egg was raw or cooked. After exploring the difference we talked about them.

We compared the shell, yolk and albumen.

What Jake had to say about each.

                          Raw:                                                             Cooked:

Shell:    Smooth and white                                                      Smooth and white

Yolk:  Orange, gooy, and liquid                                                Yellow, crumbly, solid

Albumen: Feels like slime, clear                                              Feels like rubber and white

This was a very simple experiment and Jake was so excited to brake the eggs open.  He asked if he could do it again. You can tell braking the raw egg open was his favorite. (Be sure to have kids wash their hands right away after doing this).

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