Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter egg hunt bubble bath

The kids love themed baths during the holidays, cause I go all out. We took out our eggs from last year and I filled them with small toys around the house . Then I filled the tub with bubbles and colored them green like grass. Decorated around the tub with the window clings from Dollar Tree(they stick great to the tub and bath wall when wet)

Then had the kids come in and gave them their baskets and they hunted for eggs under the bubbles.
No joke we have done this bath 3 times now since I set it up last week. Jake is into it more then Cate, but they both loves doing it. 

Super fun and great memories to make with your little ones.

We did this in the bath tub, but you can do it in a sensory bin like we did our firework bubbles.

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