Sunday, March 3, 2013

75 things you can buy for Easter at Dollar Tree

Easter is big for egg hunts and baskets. With times being tough for the economy I thought it would be helpful to put a list together of things you can fill a kids basket with from the Dollar Tree.

I like to get useful things when making the kids basket, so I put together a list of useful but fun things kids would like in their baskets.

Hope this list is helpful.

Below I added some pictures of a couple things.

1. Watercolor paints
2. Side walk chalk
3. Play dough
4. Bubbles
5. Crayons
6. Coloring books
7. Bouncy Balls
8. Puzzles
9. Lego's
10. Stickers

11. Hair accessories
12. Dinosaurs
13. Play insects
14. Paints
15. Art apron
16. Scented markers
17. Yo-yo's
18. Magnet letters and numbers
19. Army men
20. Play bead necklaces
21. Lip gloss
22. Glitter
23. Learning flash cards
24. Learning books
25. Sand toys

26. Bath toys
27. Bug catching toys
28. Pencils
29. Notebooks
30. Baby doll play toys
31. Squirt guns
32. Water balloons
33. Stamps
34. Garden toys
35. Travel games
36. Paddle ball game
37. Jake and the Never land Pirate toys

38. Character band-aids
39. Sippy cups
40. Jump ropes
41. Pool toys
42. Beach balls
43. Toy cars
44. Princess toys
45. Shape erasers
46. Nail polish
47. Body wash
48. Body lotion
49. Body spray

50. Marbles
51. Silly putty
52. Glitter glue
53. Glow sticks
54. Punching balloons
55. Colored pens
56. Parachute Toys
57. Character trading cards
58. Mickey Mouse toys
59. Spin tops
60. Pirate play toys
61. Temporary Tattoos
62. Hair barrettes
63. Dora toys

64. Tooth paste
65. Tooth brushes
66. Minnie Mouse toys
67. Character bowls and plates
68. Colored pencils
69. Jelly beans
70. Plastic eggs
71. Fake grass
72. Lollipops
73. Easter toys
74. Easter greeting cards 
75. Magic Towels (my kids love these they expand in water to washcloth)

We love shopping at the Dollar Tree, you can get a lot for your money. Be sure to check out the fun themed egg hunts you can do as well with your kids or even for a play date.

Happy Easter!!

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