Thursday, March 28, 2013

50+ homemade recipes for kids

Homemade recipes are my favorite, what better way to explore then to make things yourself. So I gathered a list of some of my favorite homemade recipes for kids and put them all in one spot for you. The link is below each picture. Be sure to check all of them out. Also, would love to hear how it goes or for you to share a picture on our Momma's Fun World Facebook page.

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Share and Remember

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Mama Jenn

by: The Princess and the Tot

Homemade glue
by: Sustainable Echo

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Learning and Growing the Piwi way

by: Mama Miss

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Inner Child Fun

by: Easie Peasie

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Creative Playhouse

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Play Create Explore

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Mama Miss

by: My Repurposed Life

I love this and can't wait to fine an old table at the thrift store to do this for the kids.

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Really Quite Lucky

What a great way to make art outside.

by: Jello recipes

I bet this stuff smells so yummy!!

by: Under the Sycamore of kids favorite playtime.

by: Huckleberry Love

Great messy play for kids and fun way to explore sensory play.

by: Creatively Blooming

What kid doesn't like to paint on the sidewalk? 

by: I can Teach my Child

If you have never been to this site be sure to check it out, A lot of awesome things.

by: Momma's Fun World
This is a MUST try!!! So much you can do with this fun sensory play.

by: Play At Home Mom LLC

What a great gift idea!!

by: Momma's Fun World

This was inspired by Play Create Explore but we made ours different. Be sure to check hers out below.

by: Play Create Explore

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Frugal Fun Challenge

Fun sensory play!!

by: Out numbered 3 to 1

Making your own soap is super fun we just made Alphabet soap

by: Momma's Fun World

by: Minie Co

Can't wait to try this out for spring. My kids love chalk.

by: Mom's Crafty Space

by: Juggling with Kids

Cloud dough with flour, super fun sensory play for kids.

by: All Things Simple

Slime is fun to play with.

by: Oh My!!

So looking forward to trying these fun watercolors.

by: Crafts by Amanda
Love these window clings you can make them for all different holidays

by: Play, Create, Explore

We have made this and it is so fun to play with...MUST try!!

by: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Can't wait to try these, my kids love bouncy balls

Holiday Playdough

Homemade window paint
by: Delightful Learning

Homemade glow water
by: Train Up a Child

Fizzy Bath Bombs
by: Here Comes the Girls

Shaving cream bath paints
by: Teaching Mama

Glowing bath paint
by: You'll Thank Me One Day

Homemade glitter
by: Planet Pals

by: Momma's Fun World

Be sure to check back from time to time I will update if I come up with something new or see something.

Also be sure to check out all the things you can do with Kool-Aid for play as well.

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