Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's counting sensory bin

We have been working on recognizing numbers and counting for the last couple of weeks and so I put together this fun learning sensory bin.

I gathered some fun items from the Dollar Tree and then made our fun scented kool-aid rice it smells so yummy. We used strawberry for this fun sensory play.

Materials we used:
Kool-aid packet(I used 2 due to the amount of rice we used)
Measuring spoons
Valentine's table scatters
Dry white beans
Plastic hearts containers
Sharpie(I wrote numbers on the plastic hearts, you can also do letters) NOTE: marker will wipe off with rubbing alcohol. So you could use the hearts for other play.

All this stuff can be purchased at the Dollar Tree, but you can also use things around your house as well.

Teaching number order and counting. 

Other fun Valentine's we have done

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