Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shamrock rainbow alphabet learning bath

I love to watch the kids learn through play and so I put together a fun Alphabet matching and spelling learning game for bath.

This is a fun and simple bath and can also be used outside the bath as well

All you need is foam shamrocks and letters from the Dollar Tree. If you didn't know when craft foam is wet it works like a sticker on the tub or wall. We also used a spin chart I got in the Target dollar section for a little extra fun...spin the wheel and find the letter.

This game can also be used outside the bath, all you need is a dry erase board. If you take a squirt bottle and damp the foam it will stick to the dry erase board or even a chalk board.

I would spell a word and "J" had to find the letters and put them in order.
With toddlers you can have them find the letters and tell them what it is and then have them repeat after you. That is what we did with "C".

They really enjoyed this bath and is a great way to tie in learning.

If you like to get learning time in during bath time be sure to check out some of our other learning baths we have done.

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