Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kids ice art science

We have been waiting for cold temps to do a freezing project like we did last year. Well last night was our lucky night we had temps in the teens. So we gathered some fruit from the kitchen and cut it up.

"J" started putting it in the aluminum pan and said, "Mom we can make a rainbow". So that is what we did.

Aluminum pan (disposable)

This project is fun for kids and also teaches them about floating, sinking and freezing. When placing the fruit in the pan you can talk about what fruits you think would sink and what ones would float when adding water. Then ask why?

"J" loves doing science projects. Last year we did an ice art as well be sure to check it out.

"J" was so excited about his rainbow ice art.

If your kids like to do science be sure to check out some of our other fun things we have done.

Magic snowballs

Glow erupting snowballs

Fizzing and bubbling goop

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