Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gardening sensory play with fake flowers

We have had alot of fun doing the sensory bins since it has been cold and yucky outside. So today we did a fun garden sensory bin. I gathered some digging toys and placed in the sensory bin with some potting soil.

The kids had alot of fun. After they played alittle I filled the watering can up and let them water the flowers.

Large container (we used our cement mixing bin from Home Depot.....$5.00)
Potting soil/dirt
Fake flowers (got ours at Dollar Tree)
Potting containers (Dollar Tree as well)
Garden tool(You can sometimes get these at Dollar Tree as well)

I know some people will not do this inside, I placed a big tarp under them and then just folder it up when done. You can also use an old tablecloth.

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