Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5+ things you can do with salt for sensory play

Salt is so inexpensive you can get 26 oz for $.040 at the grocery store, so that makes for alot of cheap play and experimenting not spending alot of money.

Below are some of the fun experiments we have done and had fun using salt.

1. You can make pretty ice art pouring salt on the frozen ice and then adding food coloring turns out so pretty and there is alot of things you can do with food coloring.

2. You can make your own scented glitter ....this is fun for art projects.

3. Make your own colored sand using chalk.

4. Practice writing in salt great fine motor skill for kids.

5. Make your own scented sand just using kool-aid. You can also use Duncan Hines Frosting packets

6.  Make your own glowing sand now this is fun play, "J" LOVED this.

7.  Then make your own Scented puff paint.

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