Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 fun ways to add scents to your child's play

Kids love when you add fun smells to play their play, weather it is bath play, art play, pretend cooking, or just for fun.

Below I gathered and listed how we have had fun adding scents to our play. The list is endless and fun at the same time.

We love using kool-aid with play cause it is very inexpensive to use and you don't even have to use a whole packet with some play.

At Christmas we loved using peppermint extract but you can use all kinda of extract for great scents.

You can also use scented oils

And  spices for pretend play or even use it for fun art work.

This is a new one we have been having fun with since Fall time, Duncan Hines Frosting creations. There is alot of fun you can have with this powder packet. I love the variety you have with using these powder packets, there are over 15 scents.

We also made  kool-aid bath paints and the kids had a blast.

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