Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Ways for Eco-Friendly Shopping this Holiday Season

1.Use Reusable Shopping Bags.  Use an eco-friendly, reusable bag.  They are not only one of the new fashion trends but also the best, as they require less waste of natural resources (such as oil) and less emissions of carbon dioxide to produce, than plastic bags.

2.Plan Your Trips, or Walk.  Plan your trip from one shop to another in such a way that you can save some fuel.   Look at shops nearby so you can ride a bike or walk .  Shop local, as it helps your local economy.

3.Switch Electricity Off Before You Go Shopping.  Growing traffic during Christmas weekends shows that most people are out, either visiting someone or shopping.  If you are planning to be out of your house for quite a long period, switch off all unwanted lights and electronic devices.  It’s an effective way to save energy and money, and to protect the environment, starting in your own home.

4.Buy Products Made From Recycled Materials.  Buy what has been made from recycled materials, as they are eco-friendly.  Your choice also shows that you are sincere about “buying sustainable” with recycled items.

5.Eat Locally At Least Once A Week. Organic products are good for YOU and good for your community.

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