Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday scented sensory cloud dough

We played with Cloud dough for the first time back in February and "J" loved it. Now that "C" is old enough to play with it thought it would be fun to put together a sensory bin with a theme like The Imagination Tree did.

If you have never been to her site you have to check it out she has inspired me to do more Themed sensory bins. GREAT stuff and fun.

The things you can do with your kids are endless with sensory bins.

Vegetable oil
Warm sugar cookie oil (optional) we got this from the the candle/oil section at Wal-Mart or you can use peppermint extract

If you are making this for a younger kid (that puts things in their mouth) don't recommend using the oil, but you can add cooking extract for a nice scent.

Then I gathered things I had on hand around the house that were baking related and the kids had a blast.

If you have never made this cloud dough is it so soft, but forms when you squeeze or pat it. It does make a mess so I placed a big table cloth under the kids, it was too cold to go outside.

If you like sensory play be sure to check out our Scented play dough and 50+ different themed sensory bins.

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