Friday, August 3, 2012

Tips for Recycling


Precycling is the step before recycling. This is the process of making a conscious choice to purchase or use products and services which will have a less harmful effect on the Environment.

Know what is recycled in your community. Some items may have special collections and recycling locations (oil & antifreeze at gas stations; plastic bags at grocery stores; six-pack rings and house batteries at schools; grass and leaves at garden centers; etc....).

If the product is packaged in material that is NOT recycled in your community, it becomes GARBAGE and is wasted!

Buy products that use less packaging. Product packaging accounts for about 33% of all household garbage. If we refuse to buy products that are over packaged, the manufacturers will by force to change their packaging to be more environmentally responsive.

Close the loop " Buy Recycled". Choose to buy products that are made from recycled material. Its only recycling if you buy recycled products.

Buy recyclable products. Choose products that are made of or packaged in recyclable material. Paper bags, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, aluminum and tin cans, and some plastics are easily recycled.

Avoid reliance on the word "degradable". A degrade product must be exposed to the element to breakdown. In a land fill these items do not breakdown because they are protected by tons of debris and dirt.

Avoid disposable and one-time use products. These are a waste of resources and energy to produce. In most cases their are reusable alternatives.

Buy in bulk or concentrated forms when ever possible. This usually saves money and reduces the amount of waste that is thrown away.

If you are not happy about the packaging you see, speak up. Let manufactures and store managers know that you are not happy with the way a product is packaged.

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