Monday, August 6, 2012

Stencil spray painting at the creek

J has been asking to go back to the creek to play and so we met one of our friends there( for a fun time. Make sure you check her awesome blog out.

I brought some spray paint to do some fun painting on the rocks, the kids had fun doing it along with playing in the water, throwing rocks, nature walk, and much more.

Spray bottle
Washable paints (I mixed paint and water) 1/2 and 1/2 mixture.

I saw the idea of using a leaf as a stencil at Creavtive Play when they used the leaves as stencils painting on a towel. Loved the way it turned out. Make sure you check their art out at

Little sis doing what Big brother is doing.

Playing with his boat in the creek

J looking at the map to see what way to go.

J found some leaves to use as stencils and spray painted them.

Stencil design you get...pretty cool.

Momma painting with the chef from Go Kid yourself.

Throwing rocks in the creek

Taking a little rest

Below are some of the fun things we got to see on our fun nature walk

Peaceful waterfall


Beautiful butterfly

Stepping stones to walk across the creek

Little fish we saw in the creek

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