Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recycled Newspaper Ideas

Recycled Newspaper Waste Basket 
'NEWS' is the name of the latest waste paper basket created by the young & extremely creative duo,  Cláudio Cardoso and Telma Veríssimo of Studio Verissimo. The basket is made from the traditional interweaving techinique, but with 60 sheets of recycled newspaper and the result is a inspiration sustainable product.  Studio Verissimo is currently initiating a limited series `News’ production with a Berlin gallery and recently participated in the ‘Handled With Care’ exhibition in London.

Recycled Newspaper Wastepaper Bin

Recycled Newspaper Magazine Holders

Recycled Newspaper Headband
This coiled recycled newspaper headband took a note from the style pages; the news has never looked so fashionable. She won't let the news of this great gift get to her head though; it is treated with two coats of acrylic to keep its shape

Foldable Bench made out of Newspapers
Supposedly, it’s possible to compress newspaper to be as strong as wood as demonstrated in this foldable bench made out of newspapers. Kaisin took regular newspapers, layered, glued and compressed them to create a building material that is as strong as wood.  He then took these sheets and mimicked one of natures strongest forms, the honeycomb, to create this amazing expandable bench.

Recycled Newspaper Placemat

Recycled Newspaper Seedling Pots

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