Monday, August 13, 2012

Make your own kids tricycle wash with pvc pipes

Every time we are out and "J" sees a car wash he wants to take the car in for a wash. So I saw this idea on Pinterest to make a car wash out of pvc pipes.

So I took "J" to Home Depot and we got all the materials that were needed for this project.

Guy at Home Depot measuring the 10 ft pvc pipes to cut in half.

Home Depot man cutting the pvc in half

J holding some of the pvc pipes

20 connectors.....10 of each  above they are 1/2 in.

Pieces connected together

Have to say it was pretty easy to put together and "J" was all into connecting the pieces together. Can't say I was too sure that it would work, but it did. Love when projects come through.

5...10ft 1/2in pvc pipes we had the guy at Home Depot cut them in half
2 different connector pieces (can see in picture above)
Sponges from around the house and grabbed some from Dollar Tree
Pool Noodles as side bumpers.
3/4 hose connector as well and we used duct tape to connect it to the 1/2 pvc pipe(can see in picture) drill holes in the pvc.
"C" loved it more than "J" did. All "J" did was want to put it together. Then we took it out when their cousins came to stay for a couple days and "J" loved to play in it. So guess it all depends on the mood.

It works as a great sprinkler then when you are done take it apart store it and then place together again.

Total cost was about $28. which is what you would pay for the plastic summer toys and this can be used for other projects later.

"C" loved getting wet

Washing the tricycle

Ok all clean, here I come.

Water wasn't coming out one of the holes so he was trying to be Mr. Fix-it

Kiddos having fun.

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