Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sensory water bag fun for HOT day

Saw this fun DIY sensory water bag from formerly "The mommies made me do it"

Then we had a play date with them and got to do it in person. The kids had a blast.

So we thought since Meme(grandma) has a big yard we would do this when we visited Fl for the 4th of July.

Again the kids had a blast. Got the materials that were needed and put it together to have some fun in the sun.

Materials needed:
Heavy duty plastic.....painter section at Home Depot
Duck tape we used 1 roll but I would get 2 for extra
Food coloring for extra color, but you need alot we used 1 bottle and work for alittle.

How to make:
Open plastic have a seam on one side and then tape 3 sides, before you tape we folded to seal better. We also taped each side 2 times to hold better.

Tried to make a Flag but ran out of tape to make the stripes.

Taping the sides up

Filling it up with the water

You can see the blue food coloring here.

J couldn't stay off of it why we were trying to fill it up

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