Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creative Items Made from Plastic Bottles

Try to reuse plastic bottles as many times as possible. If you do not have a use for it that are still good or operational, donate them to a local charity or environmental organization. Ask to see their wish list, you may have something they need. Many items can also be used for other things than what they were first purchase for. Be creative! A plastic bottle can be made into a funnel by cutting off the bottom, liner for a planter or flower pot, bird feeder, container for storing nails, screws, washers and nuts etc... Below are some creative items made of plastic bottles to inspire you.

Flowery Pots


Flower Vase

Garden Pots

Serve as an Irrigation

Magazine and Newspaper Holder

Hanging Plant Pots

Sub-Irrigated Planter

As a Cleaning Aid

Aid for Watering Plants

As a Boat and Life Jacket 

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