Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awesome Uses of Old Tires

Feeling creative? There are so many more uses for rubber tires.

Construct an old-fashioned tire swing

Even sandals can be made out of old tires. They aren't pretty but they serve a purpose, are eco-friendly and affordable.

Make yourself a pair of garden sandals

A major life-changing project and investment, make a home out of tires. Prevent erosion on steep slopes by building a retaining wall out of tires.

Construct a shed out of tires. To build the walls, pack the tires tightly with soil and stack them closely together. Then add a conventional beam-style hip roof.

How about a Chandelier

Protect your car from scrapes. Hang a tire on your rear garage wall. Alternatively, cut a tire into strips, and then nail the strips to the walls at the same height as your car's bumper.

This is a recycled rubber car tire table. It comes with a set of four stools also made with recycled tires

This is unique yellow tire belt is made from a used road bike tire. 

Another creative ways for an old tires is to create a hand rest chair.

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