Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Pirate Adventure

We have been reading some Pirate books and my son loves the boat in the books, so I saw this Pirate Boat Adventure advertisement and looked into it. Great idea geared all around kids.

The kids can get painted tattoo's and dress up before they get on the boat. Then, once the boat sails they tell the kids a story and the kids have to help look around to find the treasure in the water. Looking for the "X".
Once they find the "X" then they stop and pull the treasure box out of the water and the kids get a bag full of treasure.

The kids liked it. Think it is geared for alittle older kids like 5 and older. But was a neat adventure.

C getting her tattoo.....J wanted nothing to do with that.

Look there is th "X"

Going to read the message in the bottle

We found the treasure

J was happy with his treasure

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